Friday, January 14, 2011

San Diego State Offense vs. Navy (Part 2)

Here are plays 11-20. Borges definitely shows the ability to do many things, and with Denard staying I expect him to find ways to make it work.

Play 11 - Power

Formation: Double Tight I

Play 12 - Inside Zone

Formation: Trey Left - UC

Play 13 - Draw

Formation: 2x2 Shotgun

Play 14 - Play Action Corner

Formation: I Right

Notice how the backfield action with the tail back, full back and pulling guard all appear to look like the power play?

Play 15 - Power

Formation: Twins Right Over

This is a split end over look for the offense.

Play 16 - Fake FB Dive - Toss

Formation: Twins Left I

Play 17 - Shallow (Touchdown)

Formation: Bunch Right to Condensed 2x2

He will hit the corner route.

Play 18 - WR Screen

Formation: Bunch right to 2X2 with a tight end and wing right.

The screen comes off a play action fake to the right by the QB

Play 19 - Inside Zone

Formation: Twins Right - FB Strong

Play 20 - Double Pass

Formation: Quads Left

The pass is just a little too high.

Now we are starting to see a lot more formation variation out of Borges, utilizing some four wide receiver sets as well.

More to come.

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