Thursday, January 13, 2011

San Diego State Offense vs. Navy (Part 1)

As speculation among Michigan fans grow about the future of the offense, I figured I'd break down Brady Hoke's (read: Al Borges) last game at SDSU to see exactly what Al was up to this year with the Aztecs.

Here are the first ten offensive plays of the game...more to come.

Play 1 - Slant

The Aztecs align in a trey left formation, with a split end left. On the snap the flanker will release outside and get vertical with the slot and tight end both running quick outs.

The single split end will run a slant and work to gain inside leverage on the corner.

Play 2 - Out

The same alignment. This time the tight end runs a seam, with the flanker and slot running quick in routes and the split end running a deep out.

Play 3 - Post/Curl

Same formation. Tight end will run a shoot route, with the slot running a slightly deeper out. The flanker will run a fade and the split end seems to be running a post/curl. This first drive is really characterized by Borges feeding his horse at split end.

Play 4 - Zone Read

Same formation, this time it's a zone read that goes nowhere.

I've highlighted the hand off key.

Play 5 - RB Screen

Same formation. It's a screen to the running back that gets snuffed out. All the other skill players release vertically.

That might be a tough pass to complete.

Play 6 - Dig

Same formation. The slot will run a pivot-out with the flanker running a dig behind him. I'm going to assume the tight end is running the seam and the split end is either running a post or go.

Ball gets tipped and the dig is pretty much locked down.

Play 7 - Inside Zone with a Fake End Around

New drive so a new formation apparently. This time it's trey right and the QB is now under center. The Aztecs are going to execute a simple inside zone play to the right and are going to hold backside pursuit with a fake end around.

Play 8 - Smash

Flanker and two tight ends on the left, one of which is a wing who will motion across the formation. Split end to the right.

On the snap the split end will run a deep corner and the tight end in motion will run a speed out. The flanker releases deep with the tailback running a check down.

Play 9 - Inside Zone

Tight end and flanker to the right with a split end and slot to the left. We have just a simple inside zone play.

Play 10 - Weak Side Power

Split back formation with the full back set to the strength. It appeared that this was an audible most likely to flip the side of the play call as I can only assume the full back power play was not an integral part of their offense...who knows.

So far Al has shown a no-huddle offense, almost the entire first drive (albeit they did stick to the same formation.) Along with that his pass game is definitely more intricate and will be more intricate than Rich Rod's ever was. Most of all, despite popular belief Brady Hoke did allow him to run zone and I can't imagine that changing at Michigan. The addition to the Michigan running game that they will see are the gap schemes that have been absent for three years now, like the power play at the end. More to come soon.

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