Friday, January 14, 2011

San Diego State Offense vs. Navy (Part 3)

This takes us up to halftime, plays 21-29.

Play 21 - Play Action-Drag

Formation: Motion to twins left

Play 22 - Check Down Swing

Formation: Motion to 2X1 right - Gun

The swing is the final checkdown, I've drawn the rest of the routes though.

Play 23 - WR Screen

Formation: Twins Right Over - TB Motion to flanker left

Play 24 - Toss

Formation: Doube Tight Double Wing

Both playside tackle and guard pull to lead on the play.

Play 25 - Dig

Formation: Trey Right to 2X2 with a TE.

This is the NCAA concept with a shallow drag underneath and a dig over top, I can't tell if there is a post on top of this or not.

Play 26 - Inside Zone

Formation: Pro Right I

Play 27 - Comeback

Formation - No Tight End I to 2x2

Play 28 - End Around

Formation: Trey Right UC


  1. thanks for the breakdowns. maybe a chart summarizing the plays at the end would be helpful.

    mgoblog reader

  2. at the end you have the end around screen shots again. otherwise good stuff, thanks.

  3. thanks for the heads many pictures.