Saturday, January 15, 2011

San Diego State Offense vs. Navy (Part 4)

The San Diego State Offense versus Navy. The remaining half provided nothing really revolutionary and since I only have so much file space as of right now I'm going to limit the amount of pictures I use. I have put together a chart summarizing the play calls.

64 offensive snaps

Play Type
Of the 64 offensive snaps, those were broken down into run, pass, play-action pass, or screen. Which breaks down to:

Runs - 41

The runs were divided between:

Inside Zone - 16 (1 being a zone read)
Power - 12
Toss - 3
Outside Zone - 2
Draw - 2

Miscellaneous scrambles make up the rest.

Pass - 14

Play Action Pass - 7

Screens - 3

Under Center vs. Shotgun

Shotgun - 19

Under center - 45


34 different formations used.

I think the rushing statistics may be skewed towards more rushing because of the built up lead, but the staggering amount of different formations is impressive. What makes it even more impressive is the true simplicity of the rushing attack, which was essentially split between inside zone and power, with some toss, draw, and outside zone thrown in.

The pass game is a little more complicated, using multiple concepts whether it was off of a drop back look or a play-action look.

What astounded me and was slightly troubling was the lack of a counter in the base offense. No kind of counter run play at all besides running a reverse and faking it two other times. I would hope if Hoke plans on bringing man blocking schemes and utilizing the power play so much that he would also plan on using a counter play, similar to the one Auburn uses.


  1. Coach, I ran into the same problem on my blog. If you put all your pics into Picasa (free program from Google), you can import as many as you want into your blog and it does not affect your available file space.

  2. Thanks Coach! That is appreciated greatly.